Through 20 South Productions, Blue Mountain Weddings films and produces artfully edited HD documentary films, offering our unique vision for videography as a couple.

We film love stories, focusing on moments that matter. Being able to re-live those moments makes our work the ultimate keepsake of your wedding day, for you and all who come after you.

Producing a moving picture of your day is an intricate art, with all the people celebrating with you taking part. The gestures, inflections and expressions you all exchange, and those serendipitous scenes you remember every anniversary, live forever in your living room, along with the cast of characters who celebrate with you. Some send wacky, wistful, moving messages, aglow from seeing you married, speaking to you across the miles and years.

If there was a wedding guest cable channel, we’d watch it.

Couples tell us they see many details of their wedding day for the first time onscreen – moments that need not be missed. We capture those details in High Definition with Canon cinema-quality cameras, and legendary L-series lenses. Our storytelling skills, and unobtrusive manner, bring out the natural wit and warmth in everyone — no extra lighting needed. A single candle illuminates the scene.

Our short film “Refill?” won awards at the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Film Festivals in 2004, one of four films screened out of almost a thousand entries.  We were also the first production company to webcast a wedding in Virginia, in conjunction with 20 South Productions, letting an ailing grandmother and other missing loved ones experience a wedding atop Wintergreen mountain in the Summer of 2008.

Collaborating at weddings, and one-of-a-kind events, for decades, we instinctively film from uniquely different points of view. We charge by the day, rather than the hour, so your love story has an opening and ending image, and every can’t-miss moment in between.

What would you give to see your parents’ wedding day, or the day your grandparents pledged their troth, from the front row? Capturing the unmissable looks, words, smooches and loving glow of the day that made you two one surely brightens the days that follow.