An Lár

An Lár is a fun-loving traditional Irish band playing fast paced tunes – jaunty hornpipes, lilting jigs and full throttle reels alternating with slower tunes – lyrical waltzes and melancholy airs, as well as singing Irish folk ballads of love and adventure. Seven musicians make up An Lár with fiddles, flutes, penny whistles, guitars, octave mandolin, tenor banjo, accordion, concertina, and bodhran. Great music for a rousing show or as background music with upbeat ambience.

An Lar, traditional Irish band in Charlottesville

Four and Nine Swinging on the Gate
Lark in the Morning
Planxty Madam Maxwell Rolling in the Rye Grass

Tunes List:

The Earl’s Chair
My Love is in America
Cooley’s Reel
The Banshee Reel
The Silver Spear
The Eel in the Sink
Rolling in the Rye Grass
Swinging on the Gate
The Concertina Reel
The Spootiskerry Reel
The Star of Munster
Drowsy Maggie
The Abbey Reel

The Blarney Pilgrim
The Cliffs of Moher
Banish Misfortune
Tripping Up the Stairs
Morrison’s Jig
The Lark in the Morning
The Kerfunken Jig
The Rakes of Clonmel
My Darling’s Asleep
The Swallowtail Jig
The White Petticoat
Stan Chapmen’s Jig
The Miller’s Maggot

The Ballydesmond Polkas
The Rose Tree
John Ryan’s

Fanny Power
Planxty Madame Maxwell
Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór

Barn Dances:
Lucy Farr’s
All Around the Fairy Fort

Slip Jigs:
The Butterfly
The Snowy Path
The Kid on the Mountain

The Galway Hornpipe
Kitty’s Wedding
Off To California
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine

Fiona’s Theme
Air Tune
The Blackbird

Do You Love an Apple
Big Bow Bow
Whiskey In The Jar
Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Dirty Old Town
Four and Nine
The Newry Highwayman
The Rocky Road To Dublin

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