Alligator is an All Star Charlottesville band playing early vintage Grateful Dead. The group focuses on the energy, instrumental interplay and experimentation of the early days of one of the 20th century’s most unique bands. Song selection includes such classics as Casey Jones, New Speedway Boogie, Mr Charlie, Scarlet/Fire, Truckin’ and The Other One.

Alligator Charlottesville Grateful Dead tribute band

Not Fade Away
Other One
New Speedway Boogie
  • Aaron Evans: Guitar – Indecision / Second Draw
  • Charlie Pastorfield: Guitar and Vocals – Skip Castro Band / Gladstones / Mama Tried
  • Craig Dougald: Drums – Indecision / Second Draw
  • Kent Raine: Drums – Echoes Farm / Duke Merrick Band / Mama Tried
  • Shep Williams: Keys – Cactus Liquors
  • Stephen Barling: Guitar and Vocals – The Cows / BC
  • Stuart Holme: Bass – The Cows / Overdog / Mama Tried
  • Susan Munson: Vocals – Mojo Pie / Jeebus / Mama Tried

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