Early Grove String Band

The Early Grove String Band kicks the energy up a notch at any event. With their rustic Appalachian fiddle tunes and songs, these dynamic entertainers provide just the festive atmosphere you’re looking for. Available as a two, three, or four piece band, the Early Grove String Band lets you choose the number of musicians to fit your budget. Instrumentation normally includes fiddle, banjo, acoustic guitar, and upright bass, but these multi-instrumentalists mix it up to provide a varied sound for your maximum entertainment value.

Cumberland Gap
Old Joe Clark

Angeline the Baker         

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine    

Chinquapin Hunting       

Crook Brothers Reel       

Crow Creek          

Cumberland Gap             

Durang’s Hornpipe         

Elzik’s Farewell  

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

Forked Deer      

Frosty Morning

Jeff Sturgeon    

John Brown’s Dream      

Johnny Don’t Get Drunk

June Apple         

Liza Jane             

Lowry’s Quadrille            

Mississippi Sawyer

Old Joe Clark

Over the Waterfall

Pretty Little Cat

Pretty Little Dog

Red-Haired Boy

Rock the Cradle Joe

Sadie at the Back Door

Saint Anne’s Reel

Sandy Boys

Soldier’s Joy

Spotted Pony

Waiting for Nancy

Walkin’ in the Parlour

West Fork Gals

Whiskey Before Breakfast Wild Hog in the Woods

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