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MD Mallory & Friends

Traditional quartet of guitar, banjo, mandolin, upright bass and sometimes fiddle beautiful harmonies. The music is mainly bluegrass with a country and gospel tune thrown in occasionally.  They currently have four CD's recorded, and the latest being Down Through The Years.

“I  grew up on a farm in Geer, VA., where back then we had no electricity, but we did have a dry cell battery (radio) that I listed to quite often.   I have always had a love for music.  I used to go over to my uncle's house who played guitar and I would join in and sing with Uncle Junior and my mother.  But to me, my really first powerful introduction to live music was at my Aunt Darlene's house where I heard live bluegrass banjo for the first time when I was 9 years old.  The man playing that banjo was Alvin Breeden, who in later years became a very popular banjo player on the East Coast.  Alvin taught me a lot about harmony singing and how to play rhythm guitar behind a banjo.

I  started playing professionally in the 70's in Charlottesville, Virginia and played with different groups in the 80's and 90's. By this time I was no stranger to bluegrass music.  In the early to mid 90's I started touring with a California based band called Country Ham with band leaders Carl and Judy Pagter that lasted for many years.  In that band I learned a lot about stage presence and how to be comfortable with huge audiences.  Over the years I have been very fortunate to have played with some of the finest musicians in the business.  Alvin Breeden, Randy Driskill, Billy Wheeler, Kevin Roop, Eddie King, Charles Frazier, Earl Yeager, Jimmy Campbell, Joe Meadows, Mark Maggiolo, Bobby Hicks, Wayne Lanham, Jeff Vogelgesang, Brandon Johnson just to mention a few and my side kick and bass player for many years Wanda Shelton.  However, no matter how good you are musically, I believe that music is like wheels on a vehicle, they all have to roll in sync meaning a music band should have their singing and harmony on key and you must have good timing.”

MD Mallory

Dear Old Dixie  Redwing
Sled Riding  Where Are The Children 
Don't You Call My Name  Washed My Face
I'll Take The Blame Will There Be a Place 
Take Me In Your Lifeboat  The Family Who Prays 
Ragtime Annie  Driving Nails 
Are You Wasting My Time  Sawing On The Strings
I'll Never Love Anybody But You Gone, Gone, Gone 
The Boys Are Back In Town  Sweet Hour Of Prayer 
Foggy Mtn. Breakdown  No Hiding Place 
Nashville Skyline Rag  Country Boy Rock and Roll
Bird of Paradise Reap My Harvest 
Banjo Special  Reuben's Train

~Listen to these songs~

Gone, Gone, Gone
Carolina Star
Sawing On The Strings
Sally Ann


Chris Munson
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